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Youtube Capture

By using as youtube capture, you can easily capture videos from youtube

Youtube is one of the most popular video sharing sites. Many users upload, share and view videos on youtube. But sometimes we may also want to capture videos from youtube and watch them offline.

Flash video capture is a highly recommended you tube capture software for those who want to capture videos from youtube. With this capturing software, you can download, capture youtube videos easily. It is not only a Youtube Capture but also a social video capture. It can be used to capture social video like youtube, dailymotion, google video..etc

Tutorial for using as Youtube Capturing software

  • Step 1 - Install & Run

    Click here to download & install this youtube video capture. Double click the application icon on the desktop to launch the program
    Youtube Capture Icon
  • Step 2 - Run Video Browser

    Click "Video Browser" button on the toolbar to launch video browser.
    Youtube Capture Browser
  • Step 3 - Capture Youtube video URL

    Let's make this funny video Cat Plays Fruit Ninja on iPad for example. Play Youtube in Video Browser. The browser will start to capture youtube video url. The captured youtube video will be listed in the bottom list box. Check the captured video which you want to download, and click "Download" button.

    Note : Normally, just choose the largest one. And you can also click "Flash" Tab to get the captured flash files(*.swf).

    Capture Video URL
  • Step 4 - Start downloading

    A "Add task" Window will popup up, click "download" button in this window.
    Start to Download
  • Step 5 - Capture youtube completed, now you can browse the video file

    When the "File Downloaded" window appears. Click the file name to play the captured youtube video file or click "Open Folder" to browse the captured file.
    Capture completed

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User Reviews
  • "I like this program; clean, simple interface and easy to use. "
    - Terry