How to Download videos from dailymotion

There're a lot of great video-sharing websites on the Internet, and dailymotion is one of them. Dailymotion gives users the ability to browse and upload videos by channels, groups etc. The unfortunate thing is that you might find some great videos but they can not be viewed if you have no access to the internet. For example, if you have an iPad with wifi and you are somewhere without a wifi connection. So, you might prefer to download dailymotion videos and convert them to your ipad. This article is written down to tell you how to do this by using a dailymotion downloader called Flash Video Capture. It allows you to download dailymotion videos with the easiest way.

Flash Video Capture is capable of downloading dailymotion videos for you. It also supports popular flash video sites like youtube, google video, metacafe video, etc.To learn how to download dailymotion videos, just download the program you need and follow the instructions below.

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By following this article, you will be able to easily capture and download videos from dailymotion website.

Install and Run this dailymotion video downloader

First, download and install this video downloader .After downloading the program, open the file and follow the on-screen instructions.Launch this application by clicking its icon on your desktop.

Copy the dailymotion video URL

Let's make Cake cat for example.Launch your browser(IE,chrome etc.), then go to and find whatever you want to download. Copy the url of the dailymotion video.

Download dailymotion videos

Switch to Flash Video Capture by clicking the application icon on the taskbar.Click "Download Video" button on the toolbar to bring up an "Download Video" window.Paste the URL in the "URL" textbox. Click "Download" to start to download dailymotion video.

After downloading, now you can browse the captured video file

Once the download process is completed, you will get a "File downloaded" window. Here you can play the video by clicking the file name. Or you can also locate the file in the folder you selected and play it with other software.

Now you know how to use Flash Video Capture? a quick and easy Dailymotion Video Downloader that will help you to download videos from dailymotion website.

Flash Video Capture

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Disclaimer: Please be aware that Flash Video Capture does not allow capture of copy-protected video and audio streams.