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Capture Flash Files with Flash Capture Tool

Follow this guide to capture flash in an easy and fast way.

"How can I save the flash file from webpage?" My brother once asked me. There's a good chance that the animation card or online game you want to save to hard disk was generated using Flash. But you can not capture flash files with a simple right-click because the *.swf Flash files are embed in webpages. Fortunately, I have figured how to capture flash from internet to hard disk. This article will show you how to do this.

To capture flash , there are many ways and choices. You're able to find many tools in the internet. However, some of them are not workable at all. Fortunately, Flash Video Capture is able to capture flash based cards, presentations, games and Flash movies with a few clicks. It is the easiest Flash Capture tool.

Easiest way to capture flash files from internet

  • Step 1 - Run Flash Video Capture

    Download and Install this Flash Capture software.
  • Step 2 - Launch Flash Video Browser and navigate to the site

    Click "Video Browser" button on the toolbar to run the built-in browser. Navigate to the site with the Flash file you want to capture.
     Browser Icon
  • Step 3 - Capture Flash URL

    Let's make "Ninja Turtles" for example. Once the video starts to play, Flash Video Caputre will display captured videos(*.swf) in the list box. Switch to "Flash" tab and check the flash which you want to save.
    Note : Usually the one you want to download is the largest one.

    Captured Swf file
  • Step 4 - Start download

    A "Add task" Window will popup up, click "download" button in this window.
  • Step 5 - Well done, now you can browse the captured video file

    After the task is completed, A "File Downloaded" window will appear. Click the file name to play the captured flash file or click "Open Folder" to browse the captured file.
  • Now you can play the flash file with the built-in player.
    Playing Captured Flash Files

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