Capture Youtube Music

Once you read this article, capturing youtube music could no longer be a problem

Youtube is one of the most popular video sharing sites. Many users upload, share and view music/videos on youtube. But sometimes we may also want to capture youtube music and save to computer. Now we can easily capture music on youtube in few steps with Flash Video Capture. It is a software for web media capture. Its purpose is to capture music/videos online. Just surf youtube page with built-in browser, you will be able to download youtube music directly on your local drive.

Flash video capture is a software capable of capturing youtube music in few steps. With this capture youtube tool, you can download, capture videos easily. And it is not only a Youtube Music Capture but also works with dailymotion, google video.etc

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How to download youtube music / songs

  • Step 1 - Install & Launch the music downloader

    Click here to download & install this capture software. Double click the application icon on the desktop to launch the program
    Icon of Youtube Music Capture
  • Step 2 - Capture Youtube music URL

    Let's make this music video 1080p [SNSD] Girls' Generation / GALAXY SUPERNOVA for example. Find the youtube video you want to download and play it in Video Browser.
    Copy the video link.

    Capturing the music urls
  • Step 3 - Start download

    Click the "Download Video" button.
    Download Video
    A "Download Video" Window will popup up, paste the video url, and then click "download" button in this window.
    Start to capture youtube music
  • Step 4 - Capture completed, now you can browse the music file

    When the "File Downloaded" window appears. Click the file name to play the captured youtube music file or click "Open Folder" to browse the captured file.
    Capturing Youtube Music completed

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